The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #3


I’m a little unclear on what actually happens this issue. Things do happen, it’s a good issue, but not many things happen. But Fraction–not Brubaker, because Brubaker’s Marvel work never makes an issue feel fuller than it is–manages to make it feel like a real experience, even though the only really important thing is when Danny meets Orson Randall at the end.

The rest of the issue is filled mostly with villain stuff. It’s not clear (to me anyway) whether Hydra is run by this bad guy who’s after the Iron Fist or if he’s just running some of Hydra. It’s also not clear if it’s important (isn’t Hydra just an easy villain organization to use, like SPECTRE?).

Brubaker and Fraction hint at Danny making a decision to be a businessman–they get distracted with the great conclusion of him meeting Randall.

A fantastic issue (where nothing happens).

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