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The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #5


The Travel Foreman back up art really does not work here. Well, some of it does, but when he flashes back to Orson’s origin… it’s awful. Ed McGuinness proportions. Yucky. It’s such an awkward flashback, it tears the reader out of the book.

The book needs the flashback to work not just for Orson’s emotional state or expository purposes, but also to keep up the action pace. Brubaker and Fraction open on a big action scene, then slow down to a talking heads book. The flashback needs to bridge. Instead it jars.

But the weak art isn’t just Foreman. Aja has a particular bad page with Luke and Misty and the girl with the sword whose name I don’t know. It’s far more rushed than the rest of Aja’s art, which is usually sublime.

There’s some good stuff (the Iron Fist mythology) this issue, but not without some definite problems.

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