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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #21


This issue might be one of Fraction’s best. Well, it’s one of his best in being this really big, but really thoughtful superhero issue. Rhodey brings in Steve Rogers to convince Pepper to bring Tony back–nice how it all fits, timeline wise (was Reborn even done at this point though?).

It then proceeds to have Tony–via recording–tell them how to resurrect him. To tug on the heartstrings, it requires Thor and Captain America (well, the shield) to do it–thank goodness there’s no real technology in the world as good as going MacGyver with the Avengers’ gadgets.

Unfortunately, there’s Madame Masque. I’m giving Fraction the slack of having Tony stuck in his head, but Madame Masque and the Ghost (I think it’s the Ghost) figuring out how to kill Tony via telephone wiring….

It adds this rather unnecessary supervillain nonsense, ignoring the humanity of the issue’s events.

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