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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #22


Yeah, this issue sort of realizes all my issues with a supervillain threatening Tony’s recovery. After Pepper finds out Tony’s not back–which is an effective scene, but it also depresses (Pepper certainly seemed like she would have made an interesting superhero only to have it plucked out of her as it were). Then Maria finds out the Ghost is around so she has to get everybody to hide out, since Captain America, Steve Rogers, Rhodey and Thor are all gone.

Because that scurrying makes sense. I mean, if Norman Osborn found out Tony could be rebooted, it’s not like he’d be upset. Let’s leave him unguarded.

Then Dr. Strange shows up (with Bucky) to get Tony out of his unconscious or whatever.

But bringing Dr. Strange in ruins the awesome scene of Tony powering up in his unconscious and coming back in time to save everyone from the Ghost.

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