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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #20


I think it would have been a lot bolder if Fraction hadn’t included Tony Stark on the ethereal plane with Howard Hughes.

Especially given the big development of Pepper Potts not being sure Tony gets to come back from the dead (thanks to the hard drive backup Fraction made obvious last story arc). Pepper was just getting busy with Tony the last twelve issues and she’s not sure he should get to come back from the dead?

Fraction writes a great Tony monologue for the beginning, gets in the drama with Madame Masque deciding she’s going to kill Tony against Norman Osborn’s wishes and has that Pepper Potts thing.

So does having Tony digging through a wasteland of his mind ruin it?


But it does make the comic pretty traditional. I guess it makes sense it’s traditional, but I wish Fraction could have come up with a subversive device.

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