Daytripper 8 (September 2010)

Yeah, it’s clear Moon and Bá are now in the “trying new things” phase of Daytripper. Brás is away on business and dies while away on business. We read his notes, emails and letters and hear the other ends of conversations… he leaves an answering machine message. It’s a bit of a narrative experiment and it works, but not as well as if it were clearer from the start Brás wasn’t going to appear.

It’s strange how macho Daytripper turns out to be. Both his wife and his mother define themselves by their husbands–though the wife has a career of her own, it’s nowhere near as important as being married to Brás, the writer.

It’s funny. The first couple issues of Daytripper were incredibly depressing. Now, at issue eight, I’m steeled. So what if Brás’s kid lost his father and gave a heartbreaking speech at school. Brás’ll be back.


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Writer and artists, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá; publisher, Vertigo.