Daytripper 9 (October 2010)

And there they go. Be nice, now, wave to Moon and Bá as they set Daytripper out to sea, absolving themselves of any narrative responsibility.

This issue sums it all up. The issues have been dreams of Brás on his death bed. When he’s dying isn’t sure, maybe it’s a coma. It’s not important. There’s even a conversation in the issue about it not being important.

But, really, it shows how a lovely thing like Daytripper can be ruined with metaphysical nonsense. At it’s best, it reminds me of Moonshadow. At it’s worst, it reminds me of that awful literal sequel to Moonshadow.

There’s one more issue to go and it’s almost pointless to continue. This issue doesn’t leave one with any desire to continue, as it tells the reader there’s nothing to continue. The series was so strong, if emotionally dulling, until about halfway.

Then it just started collapsing.


Dream; writers and artists, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá; colorist, Dave Stewart; letterer, Sean Konot; editor, Pornsak Pichetshote; publisher, Vertigo.