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The Traveler (2010) #1


I’m a little confused to Waid’s approach with this series. He has a lengthy opening sequence introducing a completely unimportant character and then he brings in the titular character. The Courier’s Tragedy it ain’t.

Maybe the character will be back because the Traveler did something mysterious to her before she left, but it’s too soon to say. Waid’s got a goofy cliffhanger–it’s more annoying than anything else, making the first issue not make any sense without going and buying the second.

It’s also never clear if there are other superheroes in Traveler. Everyone reacts pretty calmly to the news except the FBI agent who will probably end up being his girlfriend or mother. The Traveler’s identity is secret to everyone, even the reader… so it must be a great big surprise.

The book’s pretty much exactly what I was expecting… a mediocre superhero book without anything unique about it. Shame.

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