Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (2010) #2


Brubaker’s very good at making his Captain America familiar.

It’s amazing how he manages to be writing an issue set after a huge media event (the death of Captain America), with a noir approach (Steve Rogers, private investigator–it works well, but Eaglesham is way too clean for it) and still make me think of seventies Marvel books. The ludicrous way Machinesmith is revealed (with it just dawning on Steve)… the throwaway romance scene on the moonlighted beach… (Steve and Sharon Carter are dating now?). It just screams retro, while being the opposite.

It’s a better issue than the first, with Brubaker in full noir mode as far as the storytelling goes here. Not sure how much of the Captain America origin he’s changing with these additions, but it’s a lot more passable than the first issue, where the contrivances got my eyes rolling.

More overpriced, but amusing Brubaker fare.

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