Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (2010) #1


I’m creating a new word. A Brubaker is when a writer introduces something previously unknown from an established character’s history (the farther back the better) solely to generate a new story for the character. Almost all of Brubaker’s Marvel stories, using this term, have been Brubakers. I don’t think many of his DC comics were Brubakers.

In other words, Steve Rogers is a pointless, uninteresting story. It’s going to have something to do with the secrets of Steve getting the super-soldier formula. It’d be a complete yawn if Brubaker didn’t write Steve well, even with first person narration and no clear sense why Steve is talking to himself as he performs tasks.

Eaglesham’s art is peculiar. He draws Steve to be big, blond and stupid-looking. He looks completely moronic–think a natural approach to Ed McGuinness’s figures.

I’m curious as to how to plays, but it doesn’t have any actual content.

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