Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #5


With one issue left, there’s no way Lapham is going to be able to explain everything. Especially not after this issue, when he reveals the bad guy to be the Pied Piper. Well, I suppose he could reveal it all to be a dream of Colin Farrell’s, which would make it the greatest comic book ever.

But I doubt it.

Sparta‘s not a great comic book, but it’s a good one. It’s completely unambitious, which is nice for a creator-owned titled and absent pretense. It’s Lapham providing a monthly diversion for his readers, keeping them interested, keeping them engaged.

At some point this issue I realized Lapham hasn’t made the reader care about a single character. There’s a hostage situation–a standoff–with an infant here and even it doesn’t cause a lot of concern.

However, I’m wondering if Timmons’s lessening of Colin Farrell likenesses isn’t artistic laziness. The art weakens here.

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