Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #4


Maybe Timmons just really wanted to draw swastikas?

Lapham has gone far without explaining anything at all about Sparta‘s setting; it’s modern day but there aren’t any cellphones so far and there’s no internet. So when the bad guy shows up at the end with a bunch of Nazi stormtroopers, I’m not sure what to think.

It might be better, overall, if there’s no explanation. Though I’m going to love it if Lapham equates American football culture to Nazism.

This issue is, once again, sort of confusing. Lapham’s killing off characters, revealing secrets, all sorts of busy work. But it really just ends where the third issue could have started. Maybe doing a creator owned four issue limited just doesn’t make sense for Wildstorm, but four issues is about all the story Lapham apparently had for Sparta.

Also, Timmons is toning down all the Colin Farrell likenesses for the hero.

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