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Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #6


Well… crud.

Lapham explains a lot of the backstory–poorly and needlessly–and then fills the rest of the issue with a useless fight against the Nazis. It’s not even good exploitation–if he’d done football players versus Nazis, for example, it might be something. Instead it’s just a standard resistance, followed by some more fighting. I think the biggest battle is all off-page.

The conclusion is sequel-ready, but in a goofy sense. There’s nowhere for the story to go because Lapham didn’t spend any time making a story anyone wanted to read again. So why conclude like he did?

There aren’t even any comeuppance for the bad guys, which Lapham sort of implied the reader would get.

I’m actually more indifferent to the issue than disappointed. It does make reading the entire series a bit of a waste though.

It would’ve been much better with my dream ending. Or any another ending.

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