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Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #2


Well, I’m still completely confused–there’s a lot of magical stuff going on, fairy-tale type stuff (I think that’s Baba Yaga making an appearance in one panel)–but it’s really quite good.

I’ve sort of ignored Lapham’s output since he’s slowed or stopped Stray Bullets (does anyone know for sure?), but there’s something really nice about Sparta U.S.A.. To some degree, it’s political, but not much. It appears to be a metaphor for giving up your freedoms and thinking you’re getting more rights.

I’m also not entirely sure if I’m missing something because I don’t know anything about football. Maybe there’s something about the Irish Potato Famine in here too.

Lapham does a nice job making the unbelievable town somewhat digestible. There’s this great detail about how the football quarterbacks always have to watch out for assassination attempts (everyone wants to be quarterback).

It’s a much better comic than I’d been expecting.

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