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Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #3


Lapham doesn’t really increase the cast numbers here, but it all of a sudden seems a lot more complicated. The comic relies a lot on the logic of the place and Lapham’s plotting this issue concentrates the attention on that logic. He should be skirting over it, since it’s not particularly comprehensive… at least not in the information given the reader.

It’s a solidly good issue–Timmons’s art keeps getter better, with the lead still looking like Colin Farrell, but no longer looking like a traced and colored drawing of Colin Farrell–but it’s something of a lull issue. Lapham’s reached his slump issue of Sparta (one of them at least). There’s always a bridging issue with a longer limited series and it’s here.

I’m hoping it only lasts this one issue, but Lapham’s introducing new ideas and characters towards the end of the issue, which smells like more setup to me.

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  1. Issue three is where they lost me. Too many characters I didn’t care about, strangely introduced concepts that just didn’t gel…I gave it the benefit because of Lapham, but for me there were more reasons not to read this that to finish it…

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