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Swamp Thing (1972) #1


Horror comics can get away with overwritten narration; other genres it stands out, but something about horror… it fits.

Writing this issue’s narration, Wein goes overboard with the narration. Some of it works, more doesn’t. But his thought balloons for Swamp Thing (there aren’t any for Alec Holland, just Swamp Thing) work. They’re still a little overcooked, but the guy just got turned into a big swamp monster, he’s allowed to live in his head.

The big draw to Swamp Thing—the element I was most looking forward to seeing on this reading—was supposed to be Wrightson. And he’s fantastic, but not the whole show. It’s the package; Swamp Thing works because how Wrightson’s wondrous panels and his great character designs (human and Swamp Thing) integrate with Wein’s writing.

Wein plots a great origin, particularly excelling at the passage of time. It’s where Swamp Thing’s thoughts are most essential.

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