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Sparta U.S.A. (2010) #1


Talk about going into something cold. I had less than no idea what Sparta U.S.A. is about before reading this first issue–I also didn’t know the lead character is played by Colin Farrell (someone needs to hire artist Johnny Timmons to do licensed comics; if he can do Farrell without it being based on a movie, just imagine what he could do with something actually supposed to use someone’s likeness).

It’s a rather strange book–I didn’t even realize Wildstorm published books like this one, but I guess I don’t know enough about them for that line of discussion. Lapham’s created this strange little town with an obsession with football, but they’re really either all aliens or they’re ruled by aliens. I guess it’s more likely it’s fantasy stuff, not alien stuff, behind it all.

It’s a decent comic. Timmons’s art is confusing though. Besides Colin Farrell, everyone looks the same.

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