Unknown Soldier (2008) #8


Hmm. I wonder if anyone’s told Angelina Jolie about Unknown Soldier, specifically the idea she’s help Africa a lot more by being murdered….

Jolie’s Unknown Solider stand-in shows up for a minute this issue, but the plot to kill her is introduced a little later. Moses has hooked up with some pan-African freedom fighters and it’s their idea.

The issue isn’t just about that meeting. Dysart delivers an action scene, then spends quite a bit of the issue showing what happens to a child soldier as he attempts to rehabilitate.

For Moses, most of the issue is spent moving, his “face” and reputation becoming known. There’s a scene where he fantasizes about his wife; while explicit, it’s rather sweet… even though I’m still unconvinced Moses the do-gooder didn’t just marry her for appearance.

My only quibble is the convenient appearance of the ex-CIA agent. It makes the setting seem tiny.

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