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Unknown Soldier (2008) #7


This issue is something of a texture piece. While it does further the story (Moses gets a radio and a translator by the end while starting the issue with neither), it’s really about someone else. The issue’s protagonist is a college student who returns home, only he’s returning home to a war zone. He makes the trip because of a pretty girl, of course.

The one issue aside is something of a Vertigo regular, something for between arcs. Dysart’s not recreating the wheel here, but he is turning in a fantastic issue, especially when taking into account he’s got a first person protagonist narrating the story and this guy’s from a completely different culture than the reader (and writer).

What’s strange is how unpredictably tame Dysart resolves the issue’s drama.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out what happens to the protagonist and his romances; the focus returns to Moses.

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