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PunisherMAX (2010) #1

Pmx1 4k

Bringing in Steve Dillon to do the sequel to Ennis’s Punisher MAX series might seem like a no brainer but after one issue, I hate it. Dillon did all Ennis’s jokey Punisher stuff and it’s hard not to think of that approach when reading this issue.

There’s the additional issue of realism. I’m not sure what ingredient is needed to make the art on the Punisher look realistic, but Dillon isn’t cooking with it. His Frank doesn’t look sixty. A sequel to Ennis’s Punisher only works if Frank’s sixty.

Jason Aaron’s writing is unimpressive. He mimics one of Ennis’s mob boss scenes–maybe from the second or third MAX arc; it’s stale. Frank’s barely present, never as the protagonist. Instead, Aaron’s doing the MAX version of Wilson Fisk. Aaron’s ingenious idea is he comes to power through a scheme.

I could be less impressed with PunisherMAX, but I’m not sure how.

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