PunisherMAX (2010) #2


Kingpin narrates the issue. I’m not sure why they call it PunisherMAX, since it’s really KingpinMAX. Aaron comes up with all sorts of awful gritty, “real” things for KingpinMAX to have done, but really… he’s just ripping off the Usual Suspects.

It’s not a particularly fast read either. So when I get done with it and have almost nothing to say about it. Aaron’s KingpinMAX approach reminds me of Bendis’s Ultimate Punisher (from Ultimate Marvel Team-Up), he’s just streamlining and modernizing.

I guess my only other reaction to the comic is how much better suited this creative team would be for a Daredevil MAX series. Maybe Aaron would want to write it more too, because he doesn’t seem to want write Frank Castle.

Oh… the whole concept requires the reader to think Frank is dumb. Kind of like Ennis’s crappy “Barracuda” arc from his series.

Not the one to emulate.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Yeah, it blows when talents like Aaron get great money to work for Marvel, and have to do pablum like Wolverine & Punisher stories. It especially blows when Aaron seems to be channeling Ennis’ plots and dialogue to continue the successful “feel” of Ennis’ Punisher. This is only amplified by the more cartoonish stylings of Steve Dillon, who actually turns in some great work here, and whose work I admire. Just not in this context. Punisher Lite, if you will, keeps the ball and the money rolling for Marvel, and in the days now where you’re cranking out almost a hundred books a month to take up shelf space so the competition can’t get it, seems the normal game plan for the big two during these tough economic times. Ugh.

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