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Robocop (2010) #1

Rc 1

I think Dynamite has succeeded where Marvel, Dark Horse and Avatar have failed… they’ve made the worst Robocop comic ever. Given a relatively free slate, Dynamite has come up with a setting for their Robocop sequel no one even slightly competent might have expected. If I remember right, the TV show had better ideas.

Most of the Robocop staples (from the first film) make an appearance. But writer Rob Williams seems like he’s going through a checklist, not actually incorporating the elements into the story.

I’ve been reading Dynamite’s Ennis books and some of their other stuff, so I guess I’ve expected some kind of competency from them, if not quality. Robocop has cured me of that misconception.

And if they’re going to do a big flashy action comic, maybe they could bring someone in to ink Fabiano Neves competently. It looks like they’re Photoshop darkening his pencils then coloring.

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