Robocop 1 (January 2010)

I think Dynamite has succeeded where Marvel, Dark Horse and Avatar have failed… they’ve made the worst Robocop comic ever. Given a relatively free slate, Dynamite has come up with a setting for their Robocop sequel no one even slightly competent might have expected. If I remember right, the TV show had better ideas.

Most of the Robocop staples (from the first film) make an appearance. But writer Rob Williams seems like he’s going through a checklist, not actually incorporating the elements into the story.

I’ve been reading Dynamite’s Ennis books and some of their other stuff, so I guess I’ve expected some kind of competency from them, if not quality. Robocop has cured me of that misconception.

And if they’re going to do a big flashy action comic, maybe they could bring someone in to ink Fabiano Neves competently. It looks like they’re Photoshop darkening his pencils then coloring.


Revolution, Part One; writer, Rob Williams; artist, Fabiano Neves; colorist, Diogo Nascimento; letterer, Simon Bowland; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Not having much luck with licenesed comics at my store, I missed out on Dynamite’s version of Robocop. I have seen, however, their Green Hornet line, and boy, do some of these comics really stink. The recently published Phantom one is also quite the piece of whatever, Keep going like this, and enough people will get turned off and just look for these free to download. Can’t say I blame them.

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