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The Walking Dead (2003) #1


I’ve been hearing about Walking Dead for a long time and have always meant to read it. Not sure what pressed me this time (possibly the impending television show).

My initial reaction? I’ve seen most of all this before. The opening, either from Day of the Triffids or 28 Days Later, is something I’ve seen. The dad and kid, seen them before. The race stuff, seen it before.

However, I haven’t seen such a hopeful protagonist. Kirkman sets up Rick–one issue down and I already know the protagonist’s name and refer to him by it, two points to Kirkman there–as insanely positive. He’s walking through a zombie apocalypse and he thinks his wife and kid are going to be a-okay.

I’m not sure if Kirkman intends it… but that kind of naive positivity in a protagonist is endearing–though it doesn’t fit with him being a cop.

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