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The Muppet Show Comic Book (2009) #3


Now, another interesting move from Langridge. As opposed to the previous issues decisions, this one… well, it sort of makes even less sense in some ways. The story arc ends here–the Muppets return to their theater, which raises some questions about why Langridge focused on what he did in the previous two issues.

He makes the point of the issue about something mostly developed in the Fozzie backups of the previous two issues. All of the previous issue’s story elements involving the Muppets–excluding Gonzo and Fozzie–are ignored.

It’s a fine issue–a good one–it just doesn’t fit with the previous two. Langridge has some excellent skits, plays at least twice with storytelling in the comic book medium… though he does have one surprise I–and I imagine everyone reading–guessed at the beginning.

Overlooking that easy plot point, this issue made me wish the previous two were on par with it.

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