The Walking Dead (2003) #2


Wow, talk about cutting back on the drama quotient.

This issue is mostly spent on expository dialogue explaining the zombie plague to Rick. It shocks him a little but it’s all okay because he finds his family at the end. Unfortunately, as much as I love the celebratory emotional scene, Kirkman didn’t really make it mean anything. It’s not like Rick had a long, hard journey. The most traumatic thing was apparently having to jump from one building to another. Not even zombie related.

I’m rather unsold on the whole thing so far. Kirkman’s slight Southern dialect makes the characters sound forced, not real.

I don’t even know the Asian kid’s name. It’d probably be inappropriate to nickname him Short Round.

Speaking of names, we never get to find out what Rick names the horse he rides into Atlanta. It seems like a rather important detail and Kirkman skips it.

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