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Palookaville (1991) #2


Seth’s second issue isn’t as clearly intended to be autobiographical as the first. The protagonist this issue is Greg. Interestingly, he and the other “cool” male character–there’s a few uncool male characters–both have long, girly hair. The character’s so asexual in his narration, it’s sort of impossible to gauge the gender until someone refers to him by name.

So I’m not sure if Seth’s trying to make his readers pay attention and not take things for granted–like I assumed in the first issue–or if he just thinks cool guys look like girls.

It’s a little hard, also, to tell when Seth’s being lazy with the art. He doesn’t cheap on the panel count–he has at least nine a page–but occasionally one will seem a little unfinished.

The story is gradual again, Greg works at a restaurant, Seth introduces the coworkers and situations.

It’s nice.

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