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Palookaville (1991) #1


For the first issue, Seth does something kind of strange–where most series use the first issue to invite the reader, Seth uses it to distance him or her. Unless the reader was an eighties art school hipster, there’s going to be an immediate disconnect as Seth, the protagonist, isn’t the standard lead.

The story, introduced by Seth (the creator) and then epilogued by him too, is about Seth (the character) getting beat up for being gay. Except he’s not gay. In fact, he’s only in the situation because his girlfriend abandoned him for the night.

Clearly, Seth (the character) needed to be more comfortable staying in.

The issue follows the night, so casually there’s no foreshadowing to the violence, and some of the day after.

It’s particularly interesting because even though Seth (the creator) tells the reader about the storytelling process–it’s clear he’s telling the story for himself.

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