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Palookaville (1991) #3


I’ve read this story before. Young adult male falls in with older, unavailable woman, experiences a broken heart, realizes it’s all okay though.

I think I’ve even read it in an indie comic, maybe even another published by Drawn and Quarterly. In other words, Seth doesn’t have anything original going here.

It’s not bad though. It’s a banal rendition of the story, but not in any way poorly told or whatnot. Seth just doesn’t give it any distinctive qualities. He tells the issue the same way he told the previous two, a simple recounting of events. Even the dramatic moments have a boring quality to them.

But last issue he filled with people and their lives, providing texture. Here… it’s just the object of the protagonist’s affection who has a life. The protagonist’s parents, for example, are featureless.

It should have been a much better issue, based on the previous.

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