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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #26


Whew, Mary Jane recovered immediately. What drama.

Whose idea was it to turn the Green Goblin into an evil Hulk?

Anyway, I suppose this issue is all right. It seems like Bendis has good intentions, with Peter trying to showdown with the Goblin (a couple times) only to discover anger might not be enough to beat him.

I think I just summed up the entire issue, dramatically. Oh, wait, I forgot about Harry. Harry apparently has these encoded keywords to make him do stuff. So far, following this issue, it’s clear Norman can make him pass out. What’s not clear is if Ultimate Hobgoblin is in the mix or not.

But Bagley. It seems like I’m frequently hard on Bagley, but he makes this issue. He makes it move with all the action, all the different settings, all the different pacing.

When Bendis’s writing is lazy, Bagley makes the comic.

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