Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #25


Really, Brian Michael, really?

Makes him sound like a teenage pop star.

So this issue was either written with the eventual trade in mind–since half of it is a retread of the previous issue (more on that aspect in a bit)–and the other half is a really boring chase sequence, only to end with the Goblin using Mary Jane in the Gwen Stacy bridge toss.

And Brian Michael, bless him, sucks the emotion out of the scene, deemphasizing it being Mary Jane in any way other than a damsel in distress.

Very disappointing.

But maybe I was primed for it because of the lame retelling of the Spider-Man conversation with the Goblin. Bendis tells it from the Goblin’s perspective, revealing Norman is hearing lots and lots of voices. Except these voices don’t seem to influence Norman’s dialogue or decision making, so it’s just more filler from Bendis.