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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #27


Bendis finishes the arc putting a gulf between Peter and Mary. They end the issue with them sitting with this big space between them, Peter too upset to talk to her. Ultimate Nick Fury just told him he had until eighteen before Fury would control him.

Oh, and Peter might be upset over Harry losing it again. And Mary might be upset because Peter won’t tell her about Harry except to hint at it.

Here’s the problem. It doesn’t feel right at all.

Bendis has a great setup here, but the scene lacks any drama. It’s paint by numbers, with Bendis wanting to get Peter and Mary Jane estranged for the next issue. He doesn’t take the time.

The guy spent an entire issue on a conversation and now he’s not willing to take the time.

It’s amazing how much Bendis infuriates, even though he’s what makes the comic excellent.

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  1. It’s strangely frustrating admiring the little things Bendis can do for comics while trying to work around all the awful shortcuts he takes to get from point a to b. What’s also frustrating is that we’ve all known about this for a while now and you would think Bendis would work to streamline these short comings. The new Avenger books by him are almost unreadable and a certain lowering of even the most basic building blocks for story telling in comic books. They’ve went from fun to incomprehensible.

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