Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #22


Bendis gets a double-sized issue–almost–and what does he with it? Well, he uses about the first part, twenty or so pages, to write a full comic book. Then he uses the second half to do some more of his speed storytelling.

The whole Bendis “decompressed storytelling” term is so wrong–if it’s decompressed, it should take me longer to read it, not less time.

The issue has a bunch of great stuff on it (terrible cliffhanger), including some high school stuff, with Peter, Mary, Harry and Gwen forming this fantastic group and I hope Bendis continues with that one–though I’m very worried for Ultimate Harry Osborn.

Speaking of Ultimate Osborns, Norman is back and is he ever a killjoy. Bendis overdoes it on the ominous, especially when Norman comes off more like a creepy jerk than a monster.

So much good stuff, such a weak cliffhanger.

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