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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #23


Again, not a fan of Ultimate Norman Osborn. Given I’ve never read the original series’s version of Norman Osborn, maybe I just don’t like the character. He seems like the “Saturday Night Live” version of Lex Luthor.

Only one who turns scaly and green.

Anyway, Norman isn’t the focus of this issue. Instead, it’s about Peter, Aunt May, Mary Jane and–to a smaller extent–Gwen. It’s about Gwen as she affects Peter and Mary’s relationship.

In other words, this issue is Bendis doing what he does best, bringing the human component into all facets of the Spider-Man thing, not just Peter, but how it affects those around him. It’s so strange how Bendis’s version of Ultimate here doesn’t fit with Marvel’s other Ultimate titles.

Great cliffhanger too.

I just wish Bendis could turn in whole great issues, instead of half great, half okay. Or even a balanced good.

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