Terminal City (1996) #6


Motter opens and closes this issue with excerpts from Cosmo’s memoir. As with all memoirs, it’s interesting to see what’s omitted–in this case, it seems like Cosmo gets his girl back at some point in the future. But that aspect is just good writing from Motter, it’s nowhere near as interesting as how he finishes an “arc” this issue.

There’s no drama for the reader. It’s about a supporting character and not a very big one. Instead, Motter concentrates on how the characters experiencing the event (a boxing match) react. It’s understated and lovely, like Motter just wanted to give Lark a chance to draw something absurd and touching, but not exciting.

There’s a lot more developing this issue, more questions raised, but again, it has a sense of closure about it. It’s as though Motter put so much emphasis in his subtle arc, he generates a “fake” close.

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