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Terminal City (1996) #7


This issue, presumably, starts the winding down of Terminal City. It ends with the first really action-oriented cliffhanger of the series, but Motter’s also winding down the characters.

He’s moving Cosmo, still the ostensible lead, into a smaller role. His chances at romance dwindled this issue and, what’s really crazy good about Motter’s writing, is the character’s already gone through his third act redemption. But he did it in the third issue. The rest of the series, in regard to him, is postscript.

There are still a lot of things awaiting resolution, but they’re flashier than the characters and their little arcs.

The only unchanging part of Terminal City are Motter’s French Abbott and Costello, whose modified (for the accent) “Who’s On First” is a constant amusement.

Motter’s also putting characters in real danger here, something he’s avoided doing before. It finally makes Terminal City dangerous instead of idyllic.

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