Marvel Boy: The Uranian (2010) #2

Marvel boy 2010 2

Oops. I didn’t realize Bob couldn’t fly in the first issue. I sort of assumed he could.

The second issue doesn’t have much heroics at the start not based in alien technology (Marvel Boy is an ideal period piece in some ways just because of the sci-fi elements, like a fifties atomic paranoia movie)… I just assumed he could fly.

Anyway, Parker makes it into a really neat plot point.

Right off, we meet Bob’s father for a bit. My questions about him and his relationship with the Uranians are immediately answered. Then we get Bob on a date, where he reveals his identity faster than any superhero ever has before. It’s really touching and fun and I’m peeved at Parker for cutting it short.

But it’s to go to Uranus, so I guess it’s all right.

My only complaint about the comic is it only has three issues.

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