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Marvel Boy: The Uranian (2010) #3

Marvel boy 2010 3

I guess not even Jeff Parker can make a last issue for a series needing lots more issues work. Parker gives Bob a romance and then takes it away. So cruel.

The issue ends with Bob joining Jimmy and the rest of the Atlas team (before they were know as Atlas, right?). I’d completely forgotten he might join up with them before the series ended. I’d forgotten it was a tie-in to something else. I was just so impressive with what Parker is able to do with only three issues.

There are a couple problematic things this issue–there’s a very unlikely giant monster and the series ends with a problematic personal moment for Bob. It’s a great scene, it just isn’t an organic narrative development.

There’s also this great fight scene with a goofy science villain.

I hope Marvel lets Parker keep going with these Atlas spinoff series.

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  1. Although I’ve enjoyed Parker’s mini side excursions with Atlas, they still seem a little lightweight compared the “regular” series. However, they still beat the pants off of 90% of what Marvel is publishing right now. A damn shame they have not ben able to get this one to succeed despite the fact that it is one of the few properties thay are able to develop into other media. A damn shame…

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