Marvel Boy: The Uranian (2010) #1

Marvel boy 2010 1

It’s hard not to look at this comic and not think Omega the Unknown. Ruiz’s art is a little too indie for Marvel, just like the art on Omega. And then there’s the whole comic book influence on Marvel Boy, the character. Parker does a lot of different stuff here–I mean, he packs more story into the issue than he does even an Atlas issue–so I feel bad mentioning the comparison… but it’s sort of there.

This series is, apparently, a revised origin, getting in all the new revelations. Reading the Uranians plotting against earth and an unknowing Bob is kind of strange, but also really cool. It creates this concern for the character (and especially his so far unseen father) just through implication.

The comic book stuff–a comic company shepherds Bob’s superhero career–offers the only humor. Otherwise, it’s a depressing story of McCarthy era America.

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