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Batman Confidential (2007) #40


So Sam Kieth has gone photoshop? I guess it’s not a surprise, only how photoshop he’s gone. He’s got panels with smoothing effects here. It’s so photoshop-happy, in fact, the thing looks like a bad digital collage. All the art is too crisp–even the stuff clearly digitally enlarged (he’s not into inking much this story either).

Speaking of story, there’s not much of one yet. Batman’s investigating a mysterious sulfur creature who’s killing homeless people. There’s a girl–in a Kieth comic, there’s always a girl–who’s going to figure in at some point. Also, the sulfur monster knows something about Bruce Wayne’s parents… maybe. Kieth doesn’t even use it as a cliffhanger. His cliffhanger’s awful, actually.

Also terrible is the dialogue. I suppose some of the Batman narration is fine (it’s the standard post-Year One Batman narration), but Gordon’s dialogue is laughable. Way too Sam Spade.

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