Blazing Combat 2 (January 1966)

I can’t believe it, Goodwin tells a joke. In fact, he sets up his entire Revolutionary War story for a joke. I suppose the issue kind of needs it, since he opens with this famous Vietnam story, “Landscape,” the best illustrated of the three Joe Orlando stories this issue.

“Landscape” is about a South Vietnamese rice farmer who keeps his head down through the war. About two panels into the story, it’s pretty clear this Vietnam conflict rice farmer could very easily be a corn farmer in 1765 New York. Goodwin never draws attention to the parallels, but they’re definitely present. Again, I can’t believe they got four issues of this comic published before it folded.

The other Orlando stories are both fine, but the other standouts this issue are an Angelo Torres, Al Williamson inked WWII piece, and especially this Alex Toth WWI flying story.

And Severin’s, of course.


Landscape; artist, Joe Orlando. Saratoga; artist, Reed Crandall. Mig Alley; artist, Al McWilliams. Face to Face; artist, Orlando. Kasserine Pass; penciller, Angelo Torres; inker, McWilliams. Lone Hawk; artist, Alex Toth. Combat Quiz; artist, Torres. Holding Action; artist, John Severin. Writer and editor, Archie Goodwin; letterer, Ben Oda; publisher, Warren.

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