Spider-Man: Chapter One (1998) #9


This issue might actually be the best one of the series (so far). I mean, the Daredevil appearance at the beginning is awful–actually, wait, the whole beginning is awful. Actually, everything’s awful except the fight in Central Park against Kraven and the Chameleon. And even it has bad art–Al Milgrom is a terrible inker for Byrne. Regardless of how hard Byrne works, Milgrom’s inks make it look like a quick Marvel house style, instead of Byrne art.

But the fight with Kraven in Central Park, it works. Maybe because Byrne doesn’t set up a cliffhanger halfway through, instead just telling a lengthy action sequence. Kraven’s thought balloons take up most of his panels, which… I don’t know… it makes it compelling, I guess, with Spider-Man seemingly more in danger than usual.

I think there are two pages of Peter Parker here. All sped through.

A pleasant surprise.

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