Spider-Man: Chapter One (1998) #8


Artistically speaking, I don’t depend on John Byrne for much. Solid layouts maybe, everyone looking the same definitely, a decided lack of backgrounds as well… but I guess I also depend on him not to do Liefeld-like proportions and he closes the issue on one. It’s hideous. But it’s also a mystery–he draws Norman Osborn as this huge, barrel-chested guy… but the Green Goblin is very slim.

A mystery.

This issue is–I think, not having read far enough into the Amazing Spider-Man issues–a Byrne concoction. Spider-Man fights the Green Goblin and the Hulk in the desert. It’s mostly just a Spider-Man versus the Hulk fight and it’s pretty boring.

There’s practically no Peter Parker this issue–I just realized it isn’t just high school Byrne ignores retelling, it’s also almost all the Daily Bugle material.

Lame Mysterio cliffhanger resolution too.

Real bad.

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