Showcase 6 (January-February 1957)

This Showcase predates Jason and the Argonauts. I wonder if someone on the movie read it–the Challengers of the Unknown face a giant, Greek or Roman looking statue monster who’s out to destroy civilization.

Jack Kirby’s visuals are imaginative, even if the art isn’t as polished as it could be.

The issue opens with some vague sexism–four women are called heroes, but we don’t get to hear about their adventures, just the boys. Has anyone else ever noticed the Challengers don’t have much in the way of personality? Prof Haley is the only one with any distinction and then only because he’s supposed to be smart.

They get involved with magic and ancient technology and have a three chapter adventure. It’s a decent enough issue, with Kirby and co-writer Dave Wood getting in a lot of content.

Pleasant but unaffecting might be the best description for it.

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