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The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #12


I can’t believe no one’s ever talked about Lee’s plotting pattern. It’s pretty apparent here, twelve issues in–Spider-Man somehow gets beat in the first fight, wins in the second. Meaning there have to be at least two fights a comic book. How things have changed… Marvel comics now do a cliffhanger in the middle of one fight….

This issue’s got a big battle sequence. Spidey and Doctor Octopus fight all throughout the Manhattan skyline. Spider-Man even helps capture escaped zoo animals.

Sadly, Lee seemingly forgot Betty Brant never wanted to see Spider-Man again at the end of the last issue, because she’s over it here. She and Peter’s romance resumes, unfortunately off panel–Jonah yelling at them for their office romance is hilarious).

Ditko’s art’s gotten a lot smoother as the action has gotten bigger.

It’s good, but not great.

Doctor Octopus is a weak villain.

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