The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #11


I always forget how small the Marvel Universe is–if you’re going to get broken out of jail, might as well have Doctor Octopus do it. If you’re going to be a mobster and have a lawyer, it might as well be a lawyer whose sister is Spider-Man’s girlfriend.

There’s a lot of cool action in this issue–I love how small the fights are in these Spider-Man books. It’s not some grandiose skyscraper battle, it’s a couple guys duking it out on a runaway boat. Makes it feel a lot more… colorful.

Still, besides those action scenes, this issue is pretty weak. Doctor Octopus, now an ex-con (his sentence apparently ran under a year), is hardened and thuggish, not the laboratory scientist previously seen.

As for Lee’s resolution to Betty’s dilemma’s? It’s weak. Not terrible, but weak. It positions her and Peter too melodramatically separated.