Incorruptible (2009) #5


It’s a question of competence. Incorruptible is incompetent.

Finally someone realized Jean Diaz was making the bad book already worse and brought in Horacio Domingues, who’s much less “realistic” and a lot more cartoon-influenced and, well, at least it’s fun. Domingues’s artwork doesn’t fit the script at all and it’s just a great time, at least for the first half, because it’s all bright and giddy–it’s like a Spirit homage almost. Until halfway, I thought Waid and Boom! realized what a turd they were printing and they’d decided to do something good with it.

No luck.

It’s actually an attempt at a serious comic too–but it’s just so silly. The world’s a different place with the Plutonian on a rampage, but cellphones still work for comic relief and Max Damage still has his awesome suburban house hideout.

I’m actually really bummed they aren’t going the spoof direction.

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