Underground (2009) #5


I wonder if Sandra Bullock will dye her hair for the movie. She and Keanu Reeves would be just perfect for it.

Parker’s script lets the bad guy get away–I guess that turn makes it grim and gritty, though it’s otherwise a very colorful advertisement for the park ranger service–and doesn’t give the protagonists any moments of resolution before the epilogue, but whatever….

I think if it were from any other writer, any other artist, I’d be a lot happier with it. But Parker can do a lot better (for his first non-superhero work, Underground doesn’t impress at all) and Lieber shouldn’t be doing projects begging Whiteout comparisons.

Even with the touchy-feely outdoors nonsense at the end, there’s no setup for a sequel–no Underground on a cruise ship, for instance–but it is immediately forgettable.

I’m really put out, especially after the fourth issue’s success.

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  1. vernon wiley

    I have to agree with you totally on the fourth issue being the moat successful. Lieber’s art really sings on the totally underground scenes, and the flowing, organic shape of the panels really work with the action inside them. Parker’s script, while with problems, and what I would also call an unsatisfactory ending, pretty much does what it needs to for most of the comic buying public. What I would like to see more of is the life or death, which way will it go stuff of the Whiteout tension with it’s protagonists. Here I was never in doubt about the fate of the duo, and ultimately that led to my conclusion that Parker had slipped here. I think sometimes that when you say you’re a pessimist when you don’t believe the odds are with you towards a successful conclusion, you mean one that works aesthetically. Unfortunately, most folks that actually read comic books seem to be perfectly satisfied with what’s fed them. While I feel that the subject for Parker and this outing weren’t entirely successful, I’ll give him the credit for writing a comic about spelunkers in this day & age. xoxo…..