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Unknown Soldier (2008) #25


For a moment, I thought Dysart had lost his mind and was going to do some kind of Inglourious Basterds wish fulfillment kind of thing.

Instead, I suppose… he makes Moses’s failure a success for his personal humanity. It’s hard to say. I estimate Dysart had about twenty more issues before coming to a conclusion like this one. The series ends with the lovely news Christian fundamentalists in the United States are bankrolling Uganda–I mean, Dysart never got around to the problems with anyone but Kony in Uganda… I imagine he would have.

It is a depressingly real comic book and I write this response with teary eyes.

Dysart and Ponticelli haven’t just succeeded overall, they also but together a really nice cap to the series. There are small measures of happiness and of hope, which is about all anyone can ever get.

Unknown Soldier is a major accomplishment.

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  1. As with any series that gets prematurely truncated, Unknown Soldier dies a quick, messy, unfinished death. Upon reading this the first time, I was enthralled that Dysart was able to “finish” it as cleanly as he did..upon the second reading, I was annoyed that many of the elements shown weren’t as original as I’d of liked. The telegraph of Mose’s death, the continuation of his wife’s life, the almost prototypical dashing off of Jack’s story, even the continuation of the “spirit” of the Unknown Soldier moving on with it’s new generation…but in the end, I guess it’s all I could expect of what Dysart could accomplish given the time constraints he was given. Damn the marketplace and it’s fickle demands of “popular” stories and characters..damn the lazy, sluggish comic nerd that wouldn’t give this series a look, let alone a chance…but after all that, I still can’t wait to see if Dysart is given something else to sink his teeth into. Perhaps he should call Jeff Parker and have a couple of beers with him….

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