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Underground (2009) #4


So glad I was just kidding about skipping this issue and going on to the conclusion, since it’s the best one so far. There’s just an endless amount of fantastic Lieber panels here. It’s mostly black and white in those parts, so the art comes through beautifully The coloring really hasn’t been helpful in Underground and this issue just makes an example of how useless it’s been.

Parker spends most of the issue–it’s still a hurried pace–with the protagonists talking their way through their escape from the bad guys. I wonder if Parker was aware he had a bunch of white rednecks trying to take out the federal government in this issue… is it a Tea Party message or something?

However, Parker and Lieber use a poor cliffhanger here.

A cliffhanger should either come with the audience holding their breath or out of it. This issue’s does neither.

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