The Dead Boy Detectives (2001) #1


I’ve read The Dead Boy Detectives before and I remember it not working out, but this first issue is fantastic. Brubaker brings a fairy tale slash Mark Twain feel to the story and Bryan Talbot’s art is, there’s no other word for it, precious. The two detectives–Charles and Edwin, I think–are adorable in a way no regular teen detectives ever could be… they’re ghosts. Teenage ghost detectives. I’m shock DC hasn’t turned it into a film property yet.

The case–it’s just one case, I think–hasn’t really taken off yet, though they’ve done a lot and given Talbot a lot of time to show off. My only art complaint is the eyes. The ghost eyes. It looks too emo for its own good.

But a great first issue; not a lot of limiteds have those… especially not today.

Brubaker writing so much dialect is my only complaint.

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